Work: deconstructing martha

   Group show of island artists and tradesmen, April 6 to 28, 2001




sketch of Estwing hammer by Nina Gomez Gordon


Martha’s Vineyard is madness in the spring.  Everyone and their mothers who own homes here have renters or relatives coming for summer, or are flying in from the city for a much needed break.  Work on the house has to be done yesterday.  Martha’s Minions do the work because inclement winter has made us poor and antsy.  But there are not enough of us, we do not return phone calls, we are expensive, or we would rather be doing something else.  Some of us are artists!


Work: Deconstructing Martha is a show of and inspired by the trades, by the people who work the trades: carpentry, house painting, shingling, plastering, plumbing, electrical work, landscaping, and more.  Art submitted to this show came from the love/hate relationship with the trade that put a shirt on our backs while we are breaking them.



Constructed Worker by Mitch Gordon, composed of found scrap building materials and baseball cap donated by painter Jerome Gonsalves.  In background are works by Bob Kimberly and Peter Hussey.   Shingling collage by Matthew Mara  


Constructed Worker by Mitch Gordon.  Right: What I’ve Been Doing for the Last 15 Years by Matt Mara


 Origami "Building Blocks" constructed from blueprints donated by Peter Breese.  Shingle reads "Your wife is in labor.  Go home," donated by Julie Sierputoski, written and left for her husband Arthur.   Wedding ring embedded in dregs of primer at bottom of paint can.

Building Blocks, origami blueprints, and End of the Job(Look Inside), found object with ring, by Nina Gomez Gordon

shingle contributed by Julie and Arthur Sierputoski

Participating artists:

Bob Lee                                                  for Meret                                                                 “pressure-treated” wood conceptual piece

Julie and Arthur Sierputoski               shingle reading “Your wife is in labor.  Go home.  10:30 am

Daniel O. Howell                                  untitled                                                                    photograph

Kirk Rose                                               Estwing Hammer                                                    oil on linen                               

Sharron Penicaud                                 Iffy Isle (Luminous Abode)                                        oil and wax on canvas              

Daisy and Bob Kimberly                      Resurrection of the Fallen House Painter                mixed media collaged photographs

Carrie Smith                                          Homeless Laborer                                                    charcoal                                  

Matthew Mara                                       What I’ve Been Doing for the last 15 Years            mixed media collage                 

Jon Mayhew                                           Striped Bass and Fluke                                           iron (former car parts)

Erik Hokanson                                      Framing Hammer triptych

Shingle Hatchet                                                      mixed media on paper              

Ernie Carlomagno and Donaroma’s                                                                                  bonsai trees

Peter Hussey                                                                                                                           watercolors

Mark Hutker                                        untitled                                                                     photographs and rotated relief elevations

Mitch Gordon                                       Vise                                                                         oil on masonite                       

                                                            Masonary Hammer                                                     mixed media and oil on canvas

                                                            Metal-Working Hammer                                             oil on canvas                           

                                                            Shingle Hatchet                                                          oil on canvas                            

                                                            Constructed Worker                                                    mixed media sculpture              

Nina Gomez Gordon                            Gregor Samsa                                                         oil on paper                             

                                                            Heat for Today                                                            oil on paper                             

                                                            Building Blocks                                                            polyacrylic on blueprints                                                                        Chase the Check                                                         board game(you can’t win)      

                                                            Coffee Break                                                                installation

                                                            End of the Job (Look Inside)                                          can of paint and wedding ring

                                                            Oil on Canvas (for Lee Krasner)                                  9 of 8”x8” stretched canvas drop cloth

                                                            Waste Products (Recycle Me)                                      installation                                



Martha’s Minions is a local ‘zine edited by Elizabeth Parker about work, life, and sex, but mostly work, written by the people who live it.  Purchase current and back issues for $3 plus shipping and handling.  It’s both kinds of funny (ha ha and sad).


Almost Summer 03: Crime Issue

Winter 03: Addictions and Phobias

Fall 02: The Worst of the Vineyard

Summer 02: Sex and Homelessness

Spring 02: Get in Touch with your Inner Spring

Dawn of 02: Seasonal Affection Disorder

Fall 01: Slouching Toward the Solstice

Summer 01: Get in Shape for Summer!



installation of gallons of paint thinnerinstallation of coffee break comprise of donuts and newspapers on overturned milk crates and five-gallon buckets, a step-ladder, and trash: coffee cups, cigarette butts, and empty nips 

Installations Waste Products (Recycle Me) and Coffee Break (complete with donuts).  Gallons of used thinner read “unclean, filthy, disgusting, used & abused, impure, don’t-even-think-about-it, contaminated, sorry excuse, ravaged, adulterated, XXX, pornographic, devirginized.”  Coffee Break evolved over the course of the show as the artists stopped in for a chat and left a contribution.



CHASE THE CHECKchase the check bored game is the game you can’t win, or even play.  It is a satire on local Martha’s Vineyard issues regarding all aspects of and affecting the building trades, personal, professional, and financial.  From building moratoriums to therapy for depression, nothing is sacred.  Names have been withheld to protect the guilty (yes most of these things have really happened…).


Poster is 12”x18”, full color on coated paper, $20.  The “rules (made to be broken or at least bent)” are printed below the image along with the cards for PHONE CALLS and INSPECTIONS

painting of ear protection, eye goggles, respirator, dust mask, and vinyl gloves 

Click on board for enlarged view.



 Gregor Samsa, 16”x10” oil on paper by Nina Gomez Gordon