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Chase the Check bored game is laid out as a web.  As players HOmeowner (moving forward), CONtractor (moving backward), and SUBcontractor (moving whichever way is most profitable) using the same game piece circle toward middle (WELCOME to the joys of HOME maintenance), there are ample coffee breaks, cigarette breaks, and happy hours supplementing the PAY DAY, INSPECTION,  PAY TAXES, CHRISTMAS BONUS, APPLY FOR PERMIT, PURCHASE INSURANCE, and PHONE CALL spaces.Poster is 12”x18”, full color on coated paper.  The “rules (made to be broken or at least bent)” are printed below the image along with the cards for PHONE CALLS and INSPECTIONS


CHASE THE CHECK is the game you can’t win, or even play.  It is a satire on local Martha’s Vineyard issues regarding all aspects of and affecting the building trades, personal, professional, and financial.  From building moratoriums to therapy for depression, nothing is sacred.  Names have been withheld to protect the guilty (yes most of these things have really happened…).