Group show of Martha’s Vineyard artists August 17 to 31, 2001



The entire show comprised the installation Standing on the Beach/Staring at the Sea.  Three tons of sand was shoveled into the gallery to cover the floor, while the water paintings of participating artists flooded the walls.  Inspiration and way too much encouragement provided by Ian Ellerby.




Left: Works by Mitch Gordon, Joseph Leonard-Peck, Judith Clough, Francine Zaslow, Jane Haskell, Nancy Kingsley, Vasha Brunelle, Steve Lohman, and birdbath by Tom Carberry.








Right: Works by Nina Gomez Gordon, Brigitte Moeller, and Robert Morrison.     



fountain in pond at Tisbury Waterworks, tiny view of Tashmoo Lagoon in backgroundsun reflecting off water at Gay Head, beach with footprints in foreground 


 Font and Reflect, both 8”x8” oil on stretched paper by Nina Gomez Gordon.


orange canoe beached across Tisbury Great Pond, Sepiessa in West Tisbury(adjacent to Quansoo in Chilmark)broken dam and waterfall at Priester's Pond, MV Land Bank property, tiny blue dragonfly in foreground   storm-killed seagull splayed out on sand like a fallen angel


Sepiessa Uncut, Flow, and Tempest Tossed, all 8”x8” oil on stretched paper by Nina Gomez Gordon.



Participating artists:


Samantha Baker                                   turtle                                                                       sea glass and wire

Thomas Bena and Becca Honig, photo by Jake Holcomb                                               mixed media

Vasha Brunelle                                      Taurus 1&2, Corvus                                               oil on canvas                                      

Hela Buchthal                                       Snorkelscape 1&2                                                   watercolor                                           

Tom Carberry                                       birdbath                                                                 concrete, driftwood, bronze               

Judith Clough                                        High Tide Markers                                                  pastel                                               

                                                                The Orange Bathing Suit                                        pastel                                                

Marston Clough                                    Red Sky series 1-3                                                    monotype                                            

                                                                Ocean Green                                                           monotype                                         

Martha Cottle                                       Storm Surge                                                             photograph                                        

Nina Gomez Gordon                           Reflect, Sepiessa Uncut                                           oil on paper                                         

                                                               Flow                                                                        oil on paper                                       

                                                               Tempest Tossed                                                       oil on paper                                        

Mitch Gordon                                       Down Favored Paths                                               oil on canvas                                     

                                                                Deep Blue Heron                                                    oil on canvas                                       

Louisa Gould                                        Vineyard Racier, Vineyard 420                              photographs                                        

Jane Haskell                                           Rocks at the Edge of the Sea                                    photograph                                          

                                                                Grey Sea at Squibnocket                                          photograph                                          

                                                                Seaweed/Rocks/Water: Squibnocket                      photograph                                          

Dave Higham                                         Menemsha Sunset                                                   oil on canvas                                        

Erik Hokanson                                      baritone ukulele                                                       walnut, purple heart, cedar                   

Brian Josselyn                                        Lucy Vincent                                                           acrylic on board                                   

Courtesy of Bob Lee                             Eaux d’Artifice                                                        film                                          

Nancy Kingsley                                       Starbuck Neck, Cedar Tree Neck                            watercolor                                           

Joseph Leonard-Peck                            Kat/Real Time, The Mermaid                                photograph                                          

Dolphin Angels                                                        photograph                                          

Steve Lohman                                        Woman in Canoe                                                    wire sculpture                                      


Doris Lubell                                                                                                                           oil on canvas                                        

Thaw Malin III                                      Mist Menemsha Pond                                             oil on panel                                        

Ben McCormick                                    Indelible Traces                                                       photograph                                          

Ann McGhee                                         Vincent Fog, Vincent Wave                                    oil on canvas                                        

Robert Morrison                                                                                                                  aerial photograph on canvas                 

Robert Osborne                                    Cliffs – oil sketch                                                     oil on board                                         

Maggie Papp                                          Squibnocket                                                             watercolor                                           

Rachel Paxton                                       Destiny Boat #12                                                   mixed media                                        

Omar Rayyan                                        Three Fishermen                                                      watercolor                                           

                                                                Green-Winged Teal                                                 watercolor                                           

Sheila Rayyan                                        The Ocean and All Its Devices                                graphite                                               

                                                                It Followed Me Home, Can I Keep It?                    graphite                                               

Will Savage                                            Diver and Surfer                                                      oil on paper                                         

Joan Savoy                                             Palomino                                                                 mixed media                                        

Tobias Shepard                                     Ichythus                                                                   bronze and soapstone                          

Don Sibley                                             Bed Rock                                                                 oil on canvas                                        

Marcia Smilack                                      Monet Trilogy                                                          photo triptych                                      

Jack Sternbach                                      Barneget Light – New Jersey                                   mixed media                                        

Tony Tobia                                            Il Gondoliere, The Danmark from Denmark            photographs                                        

Rose Treat                                             By the Sea                                                               seaweed collage                                  

Ron Wooley                                          Low Tide                                                                 photograph                                          

                                                                Jetties at Dusk                                                         collage of found objects                       

Francine Zaslow                                   Squid, Fish                                                              photographs                                        



Priester’s Pond, 24”x30” oil on canvas remains of dock reflecting in Priester's Pond, milkweed blooms in foreground