Peace and light

   Group show of island artists curated by Nina Gomez Gordon for the third Martha’s Vineyard Independent Film Festival (MVIFF), March 2oo3



“We shall find peace.  We shall hear the Angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with Diamonds.”  –  Anton Chekhov



Steve Lohman wire wall sculpture $325Wendy Weldon mixed media "Never Ever Choose War" NFS 












Barney Zeitz forged and welded stainless steel vase $1500; Cindy Kane mixed media "Divided"; Barney Zeitz "War Requiem" $12,000; Rose Treat seaweed collage "Lysistrata" $400Top: Steve Lohman; Wendy Weldon mixed media, Never Ever Choose War; Cerina and Ben Gordon found object, Wingweaver “A six-winged fairy who prays for peace and hope”


Reception hall for MVIFF works by Barney Zeitz forged and welded stainless steel vase; Cindy Kane mixed media on wood Divided; Barney Zeitz forged and welded steel War Requiem 50th Anniversary of Hiroshima; and Rose Treat seaweed collage Lysistrata


Below left, top to bottom: Nina Gomez Gordon oil on canvas Floating; Rose Treat seaweed collage Celebration; and Tal Levy


Below right, top to bottom: Patrick Lindsey mixed media A City Block for the Poor and Homeless; and Linda Ziegler mixed media Seeking Balance




Patrick Lindsey print "A city block for the poor and homeless", $125Nina Gomez Gordon oil on canvas "Floating" 9"x12", $400Wage Peace
by Mary Oliver
Wage peace with your breath.
Breathe in firemen and rubble,
breathe out whole buildings
and flocks of redwing blackbirds.
Breathe in terrorists and breathe out sleeping children
and freshly mown fields.
Breathe in confusion and breathe out maple trees.
Breathe in the fallen
and breathe out lifelong friendships intact.

Linda Ziegler mixed media "Seeking Balance" $400Rose Treat seaweed collage "Celebration" $400Wage peace with your listening:
hearing sirens, pray loud.
Remember your tools:
flower seeds, clothes pins, clean rivers.
Make soup
Play music, learn the word for thank you in three languages.
Learn to knit, and make a hat.

Think of chaos as dancing raspberries
imagine grief as the out breath of beauty
of the gesture of fish.
Swim for the other side.
Wage peace.

Tal LevyNever has the world seemed so fresh and precious.
Have a cup of tea and rejoice.
Act as if armistice has already arrived.
Don't wait another minute.







Wendy Weldon "The Stark Reality" $1500Melissa Breese meditation scrollwooden cutting boards, trivets, spoons, and furniture by Thomas Bena (various prices), "Breaking Bread" installation by Nina Gomez Gordon and Melissa Breese 






















sen tsuru 1000 cranes; Louisa Gould limited edition photograph "Wonder" $375 matted and framedParticipating artists: Cindy Kane, Tal Levy, Rose Treat, Linda Ziegler, Louisa Gould, Steve Lohman, Daniel W. Smith, Marcia Smilack, Barney Zeitz, Wendy Weldon, Shio Kusaka, Virginia Besse, Thaw Malin, Melissa Breese, Patrick Lindsey, Thomas Bena, Nina Gomez Gordon, and the 6th through 8th grade art classes of West Tisbury and Oak Bluffs Elementary Schools.



Left to right: Wendy Weldon The Stark Reality; Melissa Breese meditation scroll; Thomas Bena woodwork, installation by Nina Gomez Gordon and Melissa Breese Breaking Bread; sen tsuru (1000 cranes), Eastern symbols of peace, assembled by students in grades 6-8 at the West Tisbury and Oak Bluffs Schools, installed by art teacher, Melissa Breese; and Louisa Gould photograph Wonder



detail of sen tsuru, 1000 cranes, assembled by art students in grades 3-8 at the West Tisbury School and installed by teacher Melissa Breese