En plein air 2003

   Fine art by Nina Gomez Gordon, thematic group presentations and alternative space




After the roughest two years of my life, I’m back to the basics – go for a drive around this beautiful island, find one of my favorite spots, and paint it…  It’s been fast and fresh and joyful even on cloudy days… Thanks, Bill McLane for getting me on the brush again. - Nina


Please contact Nina if you would like larger images e-mailed for your consideration.  Commissions accepted for paintings based on these images.  All rights reserved.


Edgartown  *  Oak Bluffs  *  Vineyard Haven  *  West Tisbury  *  Chilmark  *  Menemsha  *  Aquinnah






5/19/03 – 5/24/03 “Mares’ Tails” 20 inches by 16 inches oil on canvas

Bill McLane invited me to go painting with him and Allen Whiting on the farm at Herring Creek.  Though creating art is often wonderfully solitary and introspective, sometimes the camaraderie and inspiration from other artists can invigorate the senses and enhance technique, feeding from each other’s energy, perspective, and knowledge.  This experience is something I really needed since I had unfortunately been over half a year from the canvas.  Bill has extended many invitations to artists to paint with them outside – I think he believes that all painters should be painting all the time, at least for our own sakes.  Or maybe I believe that.  Allen once quipped that if every artist whom Bill has invited came along, we’d need to hire a bus like Camp Jabberwocky.


I said I’d meet them in Edgartown, and they were late.  That’s OK, as it was a sunny late-May day, with the chickens hiding under the bushes.  Besides, they paint faster than I do (the artists, not the chickens).  I sat by the fence sketching the chickens rushing to greet me in order to absorb the scents and feelings of the farm.  Quickly the chickens realized that I had no corn, and retreated to the shade.  After a little while longer, I decided to walk down the road and find myself a view to paint.


There’s something about the might and grandeur of horses – their size, strength, speed, and beauty.  But they were no better than the chickens, checking to see if I proffered a carrot.  A couple feisty draft horses got loose and thundered across some fields.  I could feel the vibration from my feet up, emphasizing our connectedness with the land.  Eating, breathing, activity, and rest are the basics of living, and I can’t think of any better example of how humans and creatures great and small work in symbiosis with the land, honoring the cycle of life to acquire these basics, than on an organic farm.


As I was painting from the side of the road, Bill and Allen drove up.  They went on to see the cows, and eventually checked back with me.  Allen, as both farmer and artist, was looking far-off, concerned about a cow having a difficult delivery as Bill and I chatted.  He went on to assist.  After they left, I finished for the day as I began, alone with my thoughts, but with a feeling of the joy of life that I hope comes through in my work.  That day is a gift given to me by my brief time at Herring Creek Farm. 


This painting is featured for the month of September in the Vineyard Artists Paint the Farm 2004 calendar, a fundraiser for The FARM Institute, in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard.  Prominent Vineyard artists included are Christine Alesch, Ray Ellis, Gretchen Feldman, John Lees, Marjorie Mason, Ellen McCluskey, Kara Taylor, David Wallis, and Allen Whiting.  A limited number of calendars signed by all the artists may still be available.  Please contact FARM to purchase both signed and unsigned copies.



Left: Edgartown Lighthouse, 9”x12” oil on canvas


Right: Water’s Edge, 8”x12” oil on canvas












Left: Edgartown Wharf at Night, 8”x10” oil on paper


Right: Black Backs, 4”x4” oil on canvas



























Far left: Brine’s Pond, 8”x10” oil on canvas

Center: Mytoi Lily, 8”x10” oil on canvas

Right: Poucha Pond, 20”x16” oil on canvas



Left: Herring Creek Horses, 10”x14” oil on canvas


Right: Trotting, 8”x10” oil on canvas



















Left: Eastville Point, 8”x10” oil on canvas


Right: East Chop Beach House, 9”x12” oil on canvas












Left: Ocean Park Benches, 8”x12” oil on paper


Right: Ferry Slip, 9”x12” oil on canvas













Left: Eastville Point Beach Dusk, 9”x12” oil on canvas


Right: Oak Bluffs at Night, 8”x12” oil on paper
































Left: Owen Park Fog, 16”x20” oil on canvas


Right: Boats at Anchor, 8”x10” oil on canvas




















Left: Cygnet, 16”x16” oil on canvas

Right: Skiffs, 9”x12” oil on canvas




Left: Looking out to West Chop, 8”x12” oil on paper


Right: Tisbury Wharf, 10”x14” oil on canvas














Left: Waterworks, 16”x24” oil on canvas


Right: Swimming Spot, 4”x4” oil on canvas






























Above left: Shenandoah, 8”x10” oil on canvas


Above right: Owen Park Boats, 8”x10” oil on canvas


Left: Harbor from Eastville, 9”x12” oil on canvas















Left: Crows in Bamboo, 8”x12” oil on paper

Right: Arrowhead Farm Horses, 9”x12” oil on canvas


Below left: Beach at Cedar Tree Neck, 10”x14” oil on canvas

Below center: Berry Beach, 10”x14” oil on canvas

Below right: Dune, 14”x18” oil on canvas
























Left: Field of Lace, 9”x12” oil on canvas


Right: Five Birds, 16”x20” oil on canvas
















Left: Cedars, 9”x12” oil on canvas


Right: Road through Field, 14”x18” oil on canvas













The Humphrey’s Tree, 14”x18” oil on canvas


Fall, 9”x12” oil on canvas























Left: Allen Farm Sheep, 10”x14” oil on canvas


Center: Grazing Allen Farm, 16”x20” oil on canvas


Right: Keith Farm, 16”x20” oil on canvas





















Left: Drive to Lucy Vincent, 14”x18” oil on canvas


Center: Path to Beach, 14”x18” oil on canvas


Right: Lucy Vincent Cliffs, 14”x18” oil on canvas







Left: Stonewall Beach, 16”x20” oil on canvas


Center: Squibnocket, 8”x10” oil on canvas


Right: The Reef, 8”x10” oil on canvas








Left: Dutcher Dock, 8”x12” oil on paper


Center: Menemsha Beach, 8”x10” oil on canvas


Right: Menemsha Jetty, 8”x12” oil on paper



Left: Impressionist Sunset, 10”x14” oil on canvas


Right: Menemsha Sunset, 11.5”x15.5” oil on paper














Gull on Duty, 4”x4” oil on canvas
















Left: Harpooners, 12”x9” oil on canvas


Right: Unicorn, 4”x4” oil on canvas






















Left: Aquinnah Path, 9”x12” oil on canvas


Right: Dark Sunset, 4”x4” oil on canvas














Left: Casablanca, 8”x10” oil on canvas


Right: Daylilies, 8”x12” oil on paper